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ADCC Asia President Stephen Khampis

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06 Jul


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30 Jun

Kids Grading

KMA Gym June 30

Congratulations to all the children who worked towards getting their ranks .

23 Jun

Belt Test Promotion

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Fabricio MMA Diliman & Alabang-Cavite Gym on June 23

Two new purple belts where given to Mark Ng and Noel Ang, we congratulate you for the hard work and the dedication it took to get to this level.

05 Jun

Top 12 Gyms: Fitness Spots and Martial Arts Training Centers

It's about time you stopped jiggling around in your sneakers and actually get your sweat on. Our top 12 gym picks from around the metro aren't just for the random batak guys, but for your kids and beloved titas as well! Ditch the steroids and find the workout for you!


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