Stephen Kamphuis

IBJJF 5th degree awarded 2023
5th Degree BJJ Black belt (graded in Brazil awarded September 2022)
2nd Degree Judo Black Belt (graded in New Zealand)

The photo to the left is of Coach Stephen with Master Fabricio (8th degree Red / Black belt) and Grandmaster Osvalo Alves (9th degree Red Belt , IBJJF world number one ranked instructor and head of the Fabricio Team)


Resident BJJ Black Belt Instructor- Stephen Kamphuis trained and received his Black belt from Anthony Lange and John Will, (Will-Machado Australia 2004) and seventh Degree Red and Black Belt Master Fabricio Martins of Equipe Fabricio of Brazil also in 2004, thus giving him the rare distinction of being one of a select few non Brazilians to earn a Black belt and his degrees in Brazil and hold both a Judo and BJJ Black Belt.
He received his first degree black belt in 2007 from Master Fabricio after winning the International Masters Seniors in Brazil and in 2010 received his second degree after winning both his Division and the Absolute open weight division also in Brazil in September 2012 he was awarded his Black Belt third degree.
4th degree and 5th degree where awarded by Head Instructor of Fabricio International Team in Brazil.

Before coming to the Philippines Stephen was the first person from New Zealand and Australia to hold Black Belts in both Judo and BJJ granted by the respective International Federations ( International Judo Federation and the International Jiu Jitsu Federation ).

He has also refereed at both the World and the Pan Ams ,the first non Braziilian in the Asia Pacific region to achieve this honor.

Coach Stephen started training Judo at the age of 14 while growing up in New Zealand under Coach Ivan Willis (Olympic Judo Referee) receiving his Black belt in Judo just as he turned 20. He competed for New Zealand on several occasions, the first being as a 14 year old in New Caledonia and in Hawaii at the Pacific Rim.

Once he moved to Australia he continued training on a semi regular basis in both Judo and Boxing, and tried other martial Arts such as Hapkido.

His continued interest in Martial Arts lead to the discovery of BJJ , he immediately found a real passion for the technical, mental and physical skills that come from training BJJ.

His BJJ instructor in Australia was Anthony Lange of Lange Martial Arts one of the foremost BJJ instructors in the country, it was at Anthony's school where Stephen not only received high level instruction, but had many great training partners including UFC fighters Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sinosic who now own and operate SPMA in Australia. (see links).

While in Australia Stephen formed a close friendship with Brazilian training partner and Instructor Raphael Costello a student of Master Fabrico.
In 2003 Anthony Lange and Stephen decided to compete and train with Master Fabricio in Brazil where they both won Gold medals at the World Masters in their respective divisions.
Stephen continued to visit Brazil competing seven times in the World Masters winning 6 Open Weight Championships as a Black belt.
With the endorsement from Anthony Lange in 2006 Stephen was invited to head the Fabricio team in Asia the first team outside of Brazil. "It is an honor for myself and my students to have our school directly affiliated to Master Fabricio's academy in Brazil, we endeavor to be worthy to carry the team name."

Grading Profile

  • Rank: BJJ Black Belt (3rd Degree Brazil)
  • Judo Black Belt (2nd Degree NZ)
  • Boxing 3.5 years training (Australia)


Coach Stephen has competed in most of the Worlds prestigious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions held in the US, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, and Australia as well as competing in Judo representing New Zealand as both a Junior and Senior New Zealand Judo representitive.
He is one of only a handful of competitors to win the World Masters Open weight division in both Gi and No Gi (2013 , 2014 , 2015).

Major International competition results

7 x World Masters Open Weight Champion - USA
3 x International Masters Open Weight Champion - Brazil
2 x Grand Slam Champion - 4 Golds in Worlds Gi and No Gi in one year.
2016 Gold in division and Bronze in Absolute World Masters

2016 Gold in division , Gold in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2015 Gold in Division , Bronze in Absolute - World Masters

2015 Gold in division , Gold in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2015 Gold in division , Gold in Absolute - World Masters

2014 Silver in Division , Gold in Absolute - World Masters

2014 Gold in division , Gold in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2013 Gold in Division , Gold in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2013 Gold in division , Gold in Absolute - World Masters

2011 Gold in Division , Bronze in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2010 Gold in Division , Bronze in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2010 Gold in Division , Gold in Absolute International Masters

2009 Silver in Division , No Gi World Masters

2008 Silver in Division , Bronze in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2008 Silver in Division , Bronze in Absolute - International Masters

2007 Gold in Division , Gold in Absolute - No Gi Worlds Masters

2007 Gold in Division , Silver in Absolute Division - International Masters

2006 Gold in Division, Gold in Absolute - International Masters

2005 Gold In division , Bronze in Absolute Division (Black Belt division) - Masters

2004 Gold in Division , Gold in Absolute Division ( Brown Belt International Masters )

2003 Gold in Division ( Purple Belt International Masters

Other Major International Competition highlights:
2012 Asian Open Japan - Silver in division

2009 Rickson Gracie Cup , Silver in Division ( Masters Black Belt Division )

2008 Damau International Japan, Gold in Division ( Black Belt Senior Open )

2008 Freshmans Competition Japan , Gold in Absolute and Division ( No Gi Masters Elite)

2006 Japan Damau International Cup , Runner up in Division, Runner up in Absolute ( Black Belt Open Senior division)

2004 Asia Pacific Rim Champion, Taiwan ( Adult Open Brown Belt Division )

2003 Runner Up NSW Open ( Purple Belt adults)

2002 Runner Up Pan Pacific ( Purple Belt adults)

2002 Sydney Cup Challenge Champion ( Purple Belt)

2001 - 2 x Pan Pacific Champion ( Blue belt adults / Blue belt Masters)

2001 Australian ISKA BJJ Champion ( Blue belt adults)

2001 New South Wales Open Runner up ( Blue belt adults)

2001 Sydney BJJ Challenge 3rd place ( Blue belt adults)

2000 Runner Up Pan Pacific ( Blue belt adults)

2000 NSW Absolute Champion ( Blue belt adults)

2000 Sydney Open Champion (Blue belt adults)

2000 Sydney Grappling Challenge Champion ( Blue belt adults)

1999 Sydney Grappling Challenge Runner up ( White belt adults)

1999 New South Wales State Champion ( White belt adults)

1998 Runner Up NSW Open ( White belt adults)

New Zealand and Oceania Judo Titles ( 1990 Oceania Judo Champion, Runner up 1980 young men)

Summary of other major competitions;;
Gold Medalist : Asia Pacific ( Taiwan 2004)
Dumau International ( Japan 2008 )
Freshmans No Gi Masters ( Japan 2008 )
2 x Pan Pacific ( Australia )
Australian BJJ Champion,
2 x New South Wales State Champion,
3 x Sydney Champion.
Former New Zealand and Oceania Judo Champion ( Tahiti )


Our Goal is too see our students enjoy the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Judo with the opportunity to fulfill their potential improve their overall fitness ,health and lifestyle.

" I see BJJ as more than just a sport or martial art it becomes a lifestyle as students become aware of ways to improve themselves and their physical well being ".
In line with the concept of healthy living Stephen has completed a Certificate course in Advanced Nutrition from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies.

“I hope to be able to spread the passion and enthusiasm for the sport to my students which has been shared to me by my Instructors.“

I would like to thank my Instructors Ivan Willis ( Judo ) and Master Fabricio and Anthony Lange (BJJ) for the honor of being their student and to all my training partners past and present including my students and friend John Baylon for being a part of my journey..

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