About The Academy

About KMA

"Fitness Fun and Martial Arts for the Whole Family"

(02) 8551 4449
Text ; 0917 8242420 (Please TEXT only , we find it much easier to give concise detailed information by Text.)
Email: info@bjjphilippines.com

Gym hours : Le Domaine , Makati
Monday to Friday 7am to 9pm
Saturday 7am to 7pm
Sunday Closed until further notice
Holidays 7am - 5pm

Gym hours :Wack Wack
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm to 9pm
Sunday 9.30 to 11.00am

KMA is the brainchild of Ms Ressie Navarro, the owner of KMA, to share the enjoyment of Martial Arts training, for the fitness, health and discipline benefits that can be derived therein to the Philippine Community, in a safe and friendly environment. Her goal is to make a community centre gym open to all ages or skill level.
One of the goals of the gym is to provide a comfortable and friendly environment for Women and Children.

The Instructors are qualified specialist in their fields, which ensures students are trained correctly in a progressive system of learning taking into account the students fitness level and ability to perform the techniques.

Choose your class

Our goal is to offer a variety of effective and realistic martial arts available for students to choose from, including ground techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Take downs from Judo and Wrestling, stand up striking skills from Muay Thai and Boxing and stick fighting from Arnis, striking from Taekwondo and Kids Capoeira. Students can cross train in any or all of the martial arts on offer.

The benefits of training in our Martial Art styles are numerous they include, Self-defense skills, weight loss, improved cardio - vascular health, confidence, and an overall feeling of better health.
There is a real sense of camaraderie that comes from training with teammates in a martial arts environment. An instructor / coach is always present and the friendships you make along the way can inspire you to continue.
Training can be both challenging physically, mentally and spiritually but also very rewarding.
Not everyone needs to be a fighter to train Martial arts, for many the goal may just be to adopt a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, get fit or impose some discipline in their life. At KMA we encourage and welcome everyone to join in and have fun.

Who can join at KMA

Adults and children of any age and fitness level can join.

Martial arts training
Many fitness enthusiasts realize the benefits of martial arts training over traditional forms of exercise. It can be difficult to improve cardio - vascular health and weight loss in an expensive fitness type gym and it’s generally up to you to train and motivate your self. Whereas in Martial arts regular training with an Instructor guarantees you will get fit, lose weight, learn a skill while having great time training doing it.

Come and try and see the results for yourself

Recommended attire:

Muay Thai / Cardio Kickboxing / MMA: Shorts & T-shirt or anything comfortable

Judo / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ): Loose pants and T-shirt, or a BJJ or Judo uniform
Children, loose pants or shorts, and a t-shirt or a Uniform as required
In time you will need a Gig or Kimono for the Judo / BJJ classes

No Gi BJJ: Shorts, T- shirt, Sandol or Rash Guard
Please bring a spare t-shirt.

Children classes
KMA is heavily focused on teaching children and we offer the best types of martial arts for Children such as Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira.

These classes are structured very much like classes in Australia or New Zealand.
Teaching is in a progressive format with repetition and gradual progress in techniques as the skill level improves.

All the Instructors have spent years training and teaching Martial Arts to Children as an example the BJJ / Judo classes are taken by the head Instructor Coach Stephen who finds Teaching children one of the most enjoyable aspects of learning Martial arts passing o the knowledge which has a great impact on the lives of many.

Children's classes include games and training exercises and techniques that are specific to the sport. Typical Class Children will; learn to fall, roll, and generally exercise and stretch their bodies. As their bodies are still growing regular controlled exercise is important for growing bones and muscles. With our martial arts programs kids will get a chance to work their whole body.
The style of teaching is in a progressive format with repetition and gradual progress in techniques as the skill level improves.

Lack of Fitness and Obesity in Children and Adults is endemic in most countries and can lead to much health related issues later in life. Martial arts is an ideal sport for children or adults, besides learning a martial art children learn respect, focus, discipline, sharing and other social interacting skills. We train both mind and body and offer positive reinforcement and encouragement.
In some sports body size, shape and height can determine ability. In martial arts, everybody can join in. You will have the opportunity to learn techniques that can be applicable to your body shape and size or adapt the techniques to suit.

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