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Photo: Some of KMA' s youngest students with Head Instructor BJJ and Judo Black belt Stephen Kamphuis with John Baylon 9 x SEA Champion.

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Children"s Classes

Teenagers over 14 can also attend the adults classes.

Class Schedule - Boxing / Muay Thai
Monday to Sunday 8am - 5pm
One on one with a trainer

Class Schedule - Taekwondo
Ariz is a 4th degree Black Belt
Tuesday, Wednesday
4.30 - 6.00pm

Friday / Saturday class time
4.00 - 5.30pm

Class Schedule - Kids Brazilian Jiu jitsu / Judo
4.30 - 5. 30 pm - all ages

4.30 - 5. 30 pm - all ages

9.30 to 10.30 am - age 5 to 8years
10.00 to 11.45am - 8 years+

1.00 to 2.00pm all ages

Supervising Head Instructor

Coach Stephen first taught Judo to Children in New Zealand at the age of 19, a requirement for his first Degree as a Judo Black Belt. He has spent more than 30 years training in Martial arts starting at the age of 14.
He has trained and worked with children who also suffer from Autism and ADHD.
He has carefully the right type of instructors based on character and knowledge to nurture the children. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive program of Martial Arts for parents to choose from.

Prior to coming to the Philippines with his Filipino wife Coach Stephen was also successfull in operating his own business which he started at the age of 26 and ran for 20 years winning several business awards along the way.

Once coming to the Philippines he liked the people especially working and training with his students and immersed himself in the passion he always had as a child, Martial Arts.

" One of the classes I enjoy teaching the most each week is the children's class, It is a great sense of achievement to see them develop both their character and skills, some of the children have been training with me since the first day we started the kids classes".

Coach Stephen was the first person in the South East Asian / Australia to hold Black belts in both Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the respective International Federations in the SEA region including Australia. He is a third degree BJJ Black belt and a 2nd degree Judo Black belt.
He has competed and won in most of the important International competitions held in Brazil and the US including winning the World Masters Seniors.

From years of competition and training experience he wishes to pass this knowledge the ,discipline and the dedicated mindset needed to excel to the children.
" I really get a lot of enjoyment seeing how much the children love the sport and how enthusiastic they are to learn , it is a real pleasure to teach children ".

Sport and Children ; Further information

In our gym the Children will:

  • Make friends
  • Have fun while learning a martial art
  • Learn discipline and learn to focus and listen
  • Learn new Skills and increase confidence
  • Be physically and mentally challenged
  • Be actively involved and strive for success

Exercise Benefits of training:

  • Assist to develop social skills, such as sharing, taking turns, cooperating and learn about winning and losing
  • Will develop physical skills, coordination and build core muscles
  • Participation creates a sense of belonging with the other children
  • Parents can assist and exercise while their children train
  • Exercise is a good stress reliever, if a child has difficulty sleeping, concentrating or discipline problems exercise can relieve some of the stress

Frequently asked questions :How old can children start TRAINING?

Children can start learning Martial arts from age four.

What do children receive from TRAINING?

The core principles of training are to learn , self- defense, self reliance, respect , Focus, teamwork and integrity. Children also learn to develop a competitive spirit, this is a valuable tool for advancement in society.

Another vital aspect of training is learning to break fall and roll, the training plus the exercises help to strengthen growing bodies. Children need an outlet for exercise, discipline and play , martial arts provides all this and more. Lack of regular exercise and muscle development at a young age can lead to many health related issues later in life.


We have compilied a brief list of list of some reason why children or adults should look to join our Martial arts program.


Self-confidence can reach far beyond the Dogo and can translate to everyday life.


All students must complete a set sylabus which set a universal standard for the students we can track a students progress, set goals and provide a continuing motivation to train and improve. There is a real sense of achievement as students progress through the grades.


In Martial arts the mantra is practice makes perfect. To attain skill takes commitment and discipline, added to this is the formal structure of most martial Arts which is to follow instruction respect your teachers and the other students, rules and protocols must be followed.


Although Martial arts is an individual sport you train in a small group creating a sense of sharing and belonging.

Our gym is very much a family orientated place to train, we have students as young as 7 .
Our goal is to teach positive values to the children in an ego free environment setting examples of discipline and respect. Listen learn and focus is a common theme that we impart.


In Martial arts everyone is part of the team, each Childs success is based on their own individual merits and commitment.


Martial arts are one of the few sports where boys and girl can play together. The techniques and moves can be done just as well by both boys or girls.

WHAT WE TEACH: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu /Judo / Muay Thai / Boxing / Taekwondo / Capoeira ( Adults and Kids )

Muay Thai Kickboxing is a great Self Defence and overall body workoput it teaches you not only how to use your hand but your legs as well.

Muay Thai is a great way in lose weight and improving your general cardio- vascular system. We have summer classes for Muay Thai . ( Schedule to be advised for children )

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has also become very popular with both sexes and is one of the few martial arts that can be taken up at any age, young or old.

Although one of the most effective Martial Arts in it's real life application it is still a rather low impact and safe sport. Unlike most sports age, body shape, height, strength, speed are not the only most determining factors in skill.

We offer fun and instructional classes for children. Most classes intergrate both sport and self defense techniques from Judo and BJJ.


The typical class involves warm up exercises, stretching, specific drills, break falls, practicing and learning new techniques and possibly some sparring which is up to the individual.
The workout assists in the natural development of a child or adult’s body, martial arts works the core muscles and also helps to build a stronger Cardio Vascular system.
In Martial arts students learn core movements such as how to fall and roll, exercises that strengthen the whole body . Bridging movements which strengthen legs, back and neck many of the exercises focus on co-ordination and flexible body movement.

Conditioning and skill oriented games are aimed at improving your childs co-ordination , motor skills , agility and flexibility.


Like most sports Martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu /Muay Thai has competitions. Competition is a great way for kids to test their skills and showtheir progress. Competition sets a goal for the kids to train and achieve.


We encourage parents to join to also join up and train you will establish a great bond when you can both share in the sport together. We have several parents who along with their children train at KMA in Muay Thai and BJJ.

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