Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense courses available

" Women on Guard "
This is a practical self defense and situational awareness course available for the busy working Women in todays real World.
We cover not only specific self defense techniques but give an informative discussion on prevention, self awareness, risk assessment and protection of the family i.e. children , elderly etc.

Corporate classes available:
Min fee is P6000 +500 for travel for two instructors up to two hours in
Makati area only
Number of participants no more than 50.
The class Includes a power point presentation and discussion (projector / computer required).
Open discussion , Simulations , Practical defenses and response techniques .
KMA views the Self defense course as a part of our service to the community.
Most courses are run by our Head Instructors.

Please text 09178242420 or email ; info@bjjphilippines.com
To book a class call 551 4449
Information can be emailed regarding the course content.

Self Defense courses - KMA Makati
Gym sessions
Learn conditioned responses based on the most common assault situations.
8 session Practical / Theory Course
(Free trial for members)
General personal safety discussions, risk assessment
Real Life situational Self Defense Techniques.
Self defense drills

Martial Arts techniques from:
Muay Thai, Boxing, Arnis and
Brazaiian Jiu Jitsu and Judo

Outcome; Elightenment / Conditioned responses
Awareness , Confidence and Better understanding of your own Safety in relation to your ever day life.

Saturday 3.30 - 4.30pm
The course Lessons are ongoing so you can join anytime.

Members and Non members
Casual rate is P750
Course runs for 4 sessions ( Free Trial class for members )
8 sessions - KMA members P2500
8 sessions non members P3500

Arnis is a very practical Self Defence system for Men and Women alike. Training with sticks and open hand defence attacks designed for close contact.
The class also includes self defense techniques.

Arnis/Kalis has been in the Philippines for over 300 years and is very well regarded in West. We will teach not only self defence but also self awareness and hand techniques.
Classes are giving by Certified experienced Instructors

Please contact 551 4449 to book a class in advance.
The best way to learn Arnis / Self defence are through private one on one or small group lessons.
The instructor is available at certain times which can be confirmed by calling the number above

Class time;
Saturday 3:00 - 4.00 pm
Classes are small in number , either One on One or just a couple of persons

Rates for a One on One class
Non member - P750- 1.0 hours
1 sessions P650
4 sessions P2400

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