Arnis Classes

Arnis / Kali classes

Arnis training
This is highly sought after self defence and situational defence approach for the real World.
We cover specific self defence techniques , attack scenarios, situational awareness and practical techniques defence and offence.
Kali is a very practical Self Defence system for Men and Women alike. Training with sticks and open hand defence attacks designed for close contact.
The class also includes striking and defence techniques with weapons.

Arnis/Kali has been in the Philippines for over 300 years and is very well regarded in the West. We will teach not only self defence but also self awareness and hand techniques.
Classes are giving by Certified an experienced Instructor called a Guro.

Saturday 8.30 - 10.30pm - Self defense / Arnis

Single sessions P700
4 sessions P2400

Self Defence classes for Men and Women
We offer corporate classes in Self defence focused on Women but suitable for everyone.
The class covers situational awareness and practical self defence techniques for real life situations.
We emphasise the following:
Avoid being a target
Heighten your sense of awareness
Prepare yourself for a bad situation.
Minmise a bad situation

Difuse , Evade, Avoid and Attack these are the steps for personal protection.
For more information on a course content please text us at 09178242420
Min number 30 persons.

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