Ashtanga Flow Yoga is holistic in nature, emphasising the bodys energy flow. It focuses on breathing exercises known as pranayama and physical postures called asnas. The physical postures and exercises cobmbined with controlled breathing improve muscular tone strength and flexibility, allowing energy to flow more freely throughout the body.
These specific exercises and movements address poor breathing habits , poor posture , utilise a full range of muscles groups creating a higher energy workout. The exercises are suitable for everyone, and are popular with people of all age groups and fitness levels.
The program is a total mind and body experience , increase your strength and flexibility, co-ordination.

Session rate
Non Members ; P550
Members P400
Non Member Promo P450 for one month
4 sessions P1600
8 sessions P3000
No Membership required
Everyone is welcome

Wack Wack Royal Mansion
Wack Wack Road Mandaluyong
Tuesday / Thursday 6pm to 7pm
Saturday 8/30 - 9am
Sunday 2.30m - 3.30

Le Domaine Makati
Tordesilas St Salcedo Makati
Class Time :
Tuesday / Thursday 7am to 8am
Sunday 8am - 9am

Private clases available in Wack Wack


Physical - Through healing, strengthening, stretching and relaxing the Skeletal, muscular, digestive, cardiovascular, glandular and nervous systems which are all stimulated.
Mental - Through the cultivation of a quiet and a peaceful mind, alertness, focus and concentration is enhanced induces calmn and reduces stress. Spiritual - Enhance your sense of well being, by focusing on your breathing mastering the pose, and renergise the body.
Complimentary - Many people take up yoga to improve their abilities in other sports, as a healthy lifestyle choice or to improve their immunity flexibility and muscle tone.

Why we need to exercise , what can I expect.

Vinyasa Yoga which combines the static stretching of Yoga with some more vigorous floor and standing exercises.
Flexiblity training is best undertaken when the body is warm , by relaxing in to the stretch and breathing slowly and evenly. Without physical activity the joints tend to fuse reducing the mobility of the limbs.

The flexibility exercises fall into three parts.

  1. Static Stretching
    • This type of stretching involves holding a pose for 15 to 60 seconds.
    • Static stretching is safe and an effective way to of stretching muscles and connective tissue
  2. Dynamic Flexibility
    • This type of flexibility takes a muscle to the end of its range of motion and then over.
    • This is activity specific and is used only for certain movements to avoid any over stretching
    • Specific movement exercises are included to give a full range of motion to a particular muscle group
  3. PNF Flexibilty ( Propriceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
    • This type of flexibility produces te best results and involves a gradual increase in isometric contraction assisted by a partner.

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