Master Fabricio seminars and grading in the Philippines Oct 2-7

10/01/2012 8:00 am
10/07/2012 5:00 pm

On behalf of the team we would like to thank Six degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Master Fabricio Martins who made a special trip from Rio Brazil to visit his student , Coach Stephen and students from Team Fabricio Philippines. [VIEW PHOTOS]

A six degree is a very rare belt in BJ and Master Fabricio is one of the yougest to have this grade in the wortld . His belt was awarded by Red belt Osvaldo Alves the Worlds highest graded Instructor who has been a teacher to Master Fabricio since he took up BJJ at age three and is the ultimate head of our team in the Philippines.

Master Fabricio arrived October 2 and stayed until October 7 . He gave several very interesting and informative seminars and graded several students including the children training at KMA.

We would like to start by congratulating Coach Hiro who was awarded his Brown belt the first home grown student to be awarded this grade in Team Fabricio Philippines who reside in the country. This is a big occasion for the Team and we are very happy for Hiro to receive this grade from Master Fabrico and Coach Stephen.

We would also like to congratulate Charles who was well overdue and received his blue belt. Both Hiro an Charles where graded at a special ceremony due to their outstanding efforts and dedication to the team and the sport.
Coach Ariel a Brown belt was formally welcomed to the Team by Master Fabricio and has been assisting Mike Plata at his school since February.

He was awarded his first Brown Belt stripe , we congratulate him for his efforts with the students and his dedication to the team.

A special grading was also held for the children at KMA, this is the first time the children from the school have been graded by Master Fabricio and three students received their Orange belts , Tristan, Pablo and Hunter .This marked another special occasion for CJ who is the first student from KMA Team Fabricio to receive his Green Belt this is the highest belt among the childrens grades.

Congratulations and thank you to Master Fabricio for sharing his time and his knowledge we all look forward to his next visit.

Soon we will be posting an interview with Master Fabricio and a short video of the seminar.

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