Women's Fitness

Women's Fitness;

Appearance is important in business , you can only make a first impression once.

If you want control of your life start with your health, a fit healthy body is productive and looks good.

We can tailor make programs that suit your requirements .
Martial Arts training is a full body workout , the results will show in a few weeks better muscle tone , weight loss , firmer arms (especially under arms ) and legs and an overall feeling of better health.

A combination of Conditioning Exercises, Boxing and Mauy Thai or even Braziian Jiu jitsu is the best way to reach your desired body shape be fit or learn self defines skills.

If 4 or more enroll from the same company we can offer a special discount of 50% off the membership rate ( No free T-shirt )

Corporate Self Defense courses available.

" Women on Guard " is a practical self defense and self awareness course available for the busy working Women.

We cover not only specific self defense situations but give an informative discussion on prevention and self protection.

This course is available for offices in the Makati area.

Please text 09178242420 or email ; mail@bjjphilippines.com

Let is help you we are in an ideal location if you are based in Makati or the Fort.

Call 551 4449 and talk to Brady for more information.

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