Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling at KMA Wack Wack

KMA Wack Wack now offers in addition to BJJ Gi and No Gi , classes in Boxing , Muay Thai and Wrestling.
Every Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday from 8.30am to 8.30pm , a trainer will be available to teach Boxing , Muay Thai and Wrestling.
Students can attend anytime during these hours.
Children or Adults are welcome.

7th Degree BJJ Coral Belt Master Fabricio visits the Philippines. Three New Black Belts awarded.

A special occasion for Team Fabricio has just passed, the first students from KMA to receive their Black belts from Coral Black Belt Master Fabricio and 3rd Degree Black Belt Stephen Kamphuis
Congratulations to Hiro , Beyeon , and Ariel it is great achievement and one of life's accomplishment that only is received by a rare few willing to work hard enough to reach this level.
We would also like to thank the visiting black belts from Taiwan Makoto , Mokoto from Hong Kong, Adam from Thailand and Ronaldo who accompanied Master Fabricio from Brazil all great competitors and famous beyond these shores.

2014 Pan Asian Jiu Jitsu International Open

Gi No Gi Results (Team Fabrico Only)

Congratulations to all Team Fabricio members for being the 2014 Pan Asian Jiu Jitsu International Open Overall Champion Team.

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